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Do you have a difficult time believing that hypnosis is a useful and powerful tool? Do you fear that you don’t have the concentration? Can you trust another person to help you make changes?

It’s time now to evaluate the importance of your goal and your desire to change. If, at this time, you don’t feel a strong commitment to change, hypnosis is not the right option for you. Take a piece of paper and write out your reasons for wanting this change in your life. If these reasons are not compelling, you may need to wait until you are truly ready to begin this process. If your reasons are compelling, be sure to bring in your quiz when you meet with Laura and discuss your answers.

A healthy level of doubt is natural, but if you know that this is not something that you feel strongly about or you are extremely hesitant about your ability to be successful with hypnosis, you should wait until it becomes a priority for you or talk with someone at A New Day Hypnosis to help you get over this hurdle.